SEND JSON to Telegraf?

I’d like to actively send json data from various applications to telegraf. Is there a way to do this?

I have found the option to run scripts and collect json data - but this not exactly what I need. Within the applications happen certain events which are my “points” in time, I like to enrich them with data and send this to telegraf.

I could directly send into an Influx DB with an REST call but my hope, is to get a kind of validation done in telegraf BEFORE the data hits the DB.

Thanks for any thoughts on this

Yes, you can use the http listener input plugin.

You’ll need to configure how to handle the JSON, there’s an example of doing this here.

I came across it, my test failed - from your example I got the simple line I oversaw:
headers = {“accept” = “application/json”}

May thanks!