JSON -> HTTP plugin -> ES

Is there a way to send JSON to this plugin - https://github.com/influxdata/telegraf/tree/master/plugins/inputs/http_listener ?

The use case is to send custom JSON from application to the plugin, instead of directly writing to ES.

No, the name of this plugin is a little misleading due to historical reasons, but it can only handle line protocol on the same paths as InfluxDB. A better name for it would be influxdb_listener.

I would like to send custom application metrics to Elastic search via telegraf. What would you suggest?

I like to use the statsd input for gauges, counters, and timer like metrics. This is it is very fast for the application, non-blocking so it can be done inline, there are clients for most languages, and aggregation is handled on the Telegraf side. For event style metrics I recommend using the socket_listener plugin using the “influx” data format.

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