Telegraf CSV output plugin

Why isn’t there a CSV data_format support for the [outputs.files] pluging? Or am I missing something obvious?

My input plugin are from [inputs.docker], [inputs.http] and few others. I’d like to write them out to separate CSV files. I’m able to write to different files using name_override & namepass, but can’t get the output in CSV format.

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

Wow, I’m amazed as well this doesn’t exist as output format! Would you like to create a feature request for that?

To workaround this limitation for the moment, you could have a look at the exec or execd output plugins and write a small script that outputs the given metrics to a csv file…

Thank you Hipska, I can certainly create the service request but not sure when/if it’ll be delivered.
Also, what is your trick w the exec/d output w a script to get the data written out to csv.

Here is the Service request,

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Well that script could take the metrics (in any supported format you like) from stdin and convert it to csv and write to file.

Perfect, I’ll check it out. Thanks.