Telegraf configmap issue

I am unable to use token filed in telegraf configmap. I am getting below error
E! error loading config file /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf: plugin outputs.influxdb: line 1: configuration specified the fields [“token”], but they weren’t used

I am using influxdb latest image and telegraf latest image
My configmap looks like this

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
name: telegraf-config
namespace: influxdb
telegraf.conf: |+
urls = [“$INFLUXDB_URL”]
database = “$INFLUXDB_DB”
username = “$INFLUXDB_USER”
token = “$INFLUX_TOKEN”

  max_tcp_connections = 250
  tcp_keep_alive = false
  service_address = ":8125"
  delete_gauges = true
  delete_counters = true
  delete_sets = true
  delete_timings = true
  metric_separator = "."
  allowed_pending_messages = 10000
  percentile_limit = 1000
  parse_data_dog_tags = true
  read_buffer_size = 65535

Please suggest here

You are using the influxdb output, which does not use a token as a part of its settings. Please see the influxdb output README. A token is generally used with influxdb_v2.