Telegraf - Collect Wifi info windows XP

Has anyone done this?

I am looking through and see a few options but none apply to my specific scenario. We want to have a flexible way to collect wifi information on a Windows XP computer (currently not feasible to upgrade all 200+ machines).
I see the wireless plugin, but its linux only
I see the exec plugin running a powershell script… but this is windows XP.
I’m not sure how well a command script will work and be able to output the data.

Anyone have any leads, advice or other on this would be greatly appreciated. We need RSSI, access point Mac and a bunch of other stuff. The more we could have the better, but those are the 2 bare minimum points per equipment


The exec input will work with a cmd script, you could use any other language as well: python, perl, jscript, etc. I believe in Windows XP you could have the script run the netsh wlan show interfaces command, parse the output, and print it as line protocol. If you do get this going and you are interested, I’d love to add it to the Telegraf wiki.

I was afraid you would say that. My coding is weak, so i will start on this and see where I get.

The wiki on github is sparse and the plugin doesn’t tell me much about parsing a cmd script, is there another wiki that shows me how to parse using exec? A quick websearch seems to reveal little… maybe i’m bad at looking…