Telegraf and timstamp in log file


I wonder how can I change the timestamp in the telegraf.log by default in telegraf.conf it’s us-east-1:

Global tags can be specified here in key=“value” format.

dc = “europe-west1” #“us-east-1” # will tag all metrics with dc=us-east-1

rack = “1a”

Environment variables can be used as tags, and throughout the config file

user = “$USER”

When changing in europe-west1 and restarting the telegraf service, I see that it didn’t change in the log file. Do I need to change something else ?

The Telegraf logfile always uses UTC time, but there is an open issue for supporting other time zones.

The values in global_tags are just static tags that will be added to every metric produced.

Thanks Daniel, I see that this issue is open since 2017, do you have any idea if this will be available for version 1.x as influxdb 2.0 is coming.

Well, it’s not high on our list of tasks to complete right now. It is probably something we would pull in as a community contribution or perhaps if we reworked the logging system. It wouldn’t necessarily be tied to InfluxDB 1.x or 2.x, could be added independently of that work.