Configure timezone grok parser telegraf

Hi all :slight_smile:

I need a help send this log to influxdb by telegraf:

MD|17/04/2020 15:58:43|551123434565|myfirstmessage|DROP017|0|

I have create the follow groparser:

files = ["/etc/telegraf/log_test.log"]
from_beginning = true
patterns = [’^%{WORD:type_error}|%{DATE_EU:date} %{TIME:time}|%{BASE10NUM:MSISDN}|%{GREEDYDATA:message}|%{WORD:error}|%{BASE10NUM:digito}’]
measurement = “log_test”

This one sent just date and not time to influxdb but i need the timestamp in UTC/GMT -3 hours format, this is possible?

actually is sent this way:

time MSISDN date digito error host message path type_error

1587065624445521029 551123434565 17/04/2020 0 DROP017 client1 myfirstmessage /etc/telegraf/log_test.log ME