Modify timestamp parsed from logfile

I’m reading a logfile with a timestamp in format yyyymmddhhmmssSS. I’m unable to parse it with precision of a hundreth secod. With timestamp modifier ts-“2006010215040500” I get cannot parse “31” as “00” and such

Any ideas how to get it working?

Apparently this would work if I could modify the parts of second to format .SS0 adding a . and trailing 0 , then use timestamp modifier ts-“20060102150405.000”, but wasn’t able to trying with regex processor plugin.


Hello @JuKe,
Welcome. How are you writing data to Influxdb? What version are you using? Thank you.

Using Telegraf1.13.8 (logparser.grok) and Influxdb 1.7.8. Data never gets to Influxdb since telegraf can’t parse it (using with telegraf with-test option)