Telegraf and continuous query

I have telegraf running on few hundred servers. The data is getting large. I collect data every 1 minute. I would like to downsample data before 30 days to 15 minutes. I am looking on search engines to find a good example of such a workflow but have been unsuccesful.

You need to combine continuous queries with retention policies.

You set the lifetime (= retention time) of your default RP to 15 days and add a continuous query that aggregates the values from that RP and stores the aggregates (via SELECT INTO) into another RP that has a longer or infinite lifetime.

If you don’t want to lose your current data

  1. create the second retention policy
  2. create the continuous query
    -> the CQ will only act on new data
  3. use SELECT INTO (and GROUP BY) to aggregate the historical 1m values to 15m values from the default RP into the new RP
  4. set the retention time of the default RP to 15 days.

The moment you do step four, all data older than 15 days will be deleted from that RP.

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