Task scheduled to run problem

I have built next kind of solution that are using influxdb.

  • I have installed “Influx CLI 2.6.1 (git: 61c5b4d) build_date: 2022-12-29T15:41:09Z” to my Rasberry pi.
  • I use Influx task to send data from local influxdb to cloud influxdb, this task looks like this:

And this task is active:

Everything works as planned and it looks that Influxdb is the right tool for my purpose.

But now I notice one problem: when I copy the Rasperry image and start the whole system in the new Rasperry, then this task doesn’t automatically work anymore. When I look at the new Rasperry, the task is active but it is not executed. I found out a workaround for it: when I once Run this task manually, then it starts to work again and it will be executed every 1m, 20s offset.

So my question is: what happens when I copy the Rasperry image and start it from a new Rasperry? Is this a bug or a feature? Why is the task not executed automatically before I push (once) the Run task button? One interesting thing that I noticed too was that when I copied the image to a new Rasperry and I have a task that was executed every 5m (no offset) it started automatically and I don’t need to push the Run button at all.

Hello @PasiH,
As far as i know, this shouldn’t be a problem. But I’m not familiar with rasperry + Influxdb. Let me ask @Jay_Clifford for some help! Thank you

Hi @PasiH,
So I am wondering if it might be a resource panic on the first boot. Are there any logs from influxDB indicating an issue with the task?

I would also consider using Edge Data Replication instead. You might have a better time cloning this to other devices as it appears the task is just pushing data to InfluxDB Cloud.

Here is an example we did with balena. It contains an automated setup script: GitHub - InfluxCommunity/balenair: Build an indoor air quality monitoring device featuring a simple real time display and a detailed web dashboard