Task scheduled but not running

I have a task that has Last Run Status: Task ran successfully but when I check View Task Runs it shows it only having run once (despite having set every: 1s) with a status of scheduled and no Started or Duration values. When I try to view the logs I get an error.


I’ve tried looking through the logs with postman using the api /tasks/{task-id}/logs but it returns
{"events": null}.

Hello @ZachElkins,
Did you include an offset? Thanks for checking out the logs.

I’ve tried running tasks both with and without an offset.

Hey @ZachElkins,
Just checking in. Did you ever solve this problem?

hi @Anaisdg , I got this issue too. I’m using InfluxOSS 2.0.4, and I have a lot of tasks (about 200), some of them are scheduled but not started immediately. Is there any threshold for the number of tasks that could be started or scheduled at the same time? Any configuration for it? Or if I use Enterprise version, will it be fixed? Thanks!