Syslog plugin: full stack trace


I collect syslog entries generated by a log4j2 syslog appender with the syslog telegraf plugin. After switching to UDP, everything works fine, except stacktraces, which get logged only the first line. Do you know how to get the full log?

log4j2 configuration:

# UDP appender - root - InfluxDB
log4j2.appender.syslog.type = Syslog = SYSLOG_ROOT
log4j2.appender.syslog.appName = OpenHAB2 = Audit
log4j2.appender.syslog.charset = UTF-8
log4j2.appender.syslog.connectTimeoutMillis = 3000
log4j2.appender.syslog.facility = LOCAL0
log4j2.appender.syslog.format = RFC5424 = telegraf
log4j2.appender.syslog.port = 6514
log4j2.appender.syslog.protocol = UDP
log4j2.appender.syslog.includeMDC = true
log4j2.appender.syslog.mdcId = mdc
log4j2.appender.syslog.newLine = false
log4j2.appender.syslog.layout.type = loggerFields
log4j2.appender.syslog.layout.pairs.type = KeyValuePair
log4j2.appender.syslog.layout.pairs.key = category
log4j2.appender.syslog.layout.pairs.value = %c
log4j2.appender.syslog.layout.pairs2.type = KeyValuePair
log4j2.appender.syslog.layout.pairs2.key = loglevel
log4j2.appender.syslog.layout.pairs2.value = %p
log4j2.appender.syslog.layout.pairs3.type = KeyValuePair
log4j2.appender.syslog.layout.pairs3.key = thread
log4j2.appender.syslog.layout.pairs3.value = %t

telegraf configuration:

  server = "udp://:6514"

Thanks in advance!

I think it is probably a bug, could you open an issue on the Telegraf issue tracker?