Sync to remote server


I have a boat with a InfluxDB 1.8 server where I store lots of information, I want to sync the boat server data with a remote influxdb 1.8 server.

Is there any way to sync the data of the boat with the remote one? I just want to send the diff data every tme, not all the data.

The boat have internet when it goes to the harbourd, so I will make a script to check if there is Internet in the raspberry an then execute the sync command.

I will appreciate your help.

Kind regrds.

There is no built-in sync feature, therefore you must build your own… or search around to see what people came up with…

The logical process should be more or less this one:

  1. Get the last timestamp on the remote (if you have multiple boats, filter accordingly)
  2. Export/fetch the data from the boat, from that point forward
  3. Write to the remote…

a possible issue if you have lots of data is that fetching and/or writing that amount of data will take forever… with possible timeouts, therefore you may need to split the process in smaller windows (ie: 1d at a time)