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Hello, I’m looking to copy data from an influxdb 2.0 instance to second central influx 2.0 instance. Has the subscriber service been replaced as I cannot find any documentation on this for 2.0?


Hello @Lewrs,
Welcome! Unfortunately, there isn’t really anything like that in v2 atm. However you can always configure telegraf to write to both instances. The eventual plan is that for v2 you can use a Flux query and from |> to but were to goes to a different instance but that will work best for smaller more specific sets of data. There are some plans for bulk loading, but they’ve been deprioritized. As always, I encourage you to create an issue. Perhaps it should be more of a priority.

Thanks for the reply. Does telegraf queue measurements if the connection to V2 is lost for what ever reason?

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Hello @Lewrs,
Yes. Metrics are kept in memory to the size or your metric_buffer_limit, which is specified as a part of the agent configuration.

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