Stock market candlestick data filtering and alerting


I want to explain the problem I have currently. We are analyzing stock market candle data in different timeframes. We want to let users of our system create their own filters and alert triggers that then fire when their conditions are met.

Is it possible to do this with influxDB and/or Telegraf and/or Kapacitor?
Can the filtering and alerting for many custom created filters/alerts be done with an influxdata product?

We did not really figure out how to do it in detail and how the data flow looks like. Any help would be much appreciated.


Welcome @Julian_Waibel

Based on what you wrote, I would definitely think InfluxDB is the right database to use for storing your data.

For the filtering, alerting, customized look & feel, you can use Grafana. It works very well with InfluxDB.

Both products are available as on-prem (free) or cloud (both free and paid).