Silence deadman alert

I am currently configuring all my systems to log to influxdb2 using telegraf.

I have configured a deadman check that changes the state for any host that does not connect to the influxdb server in 10 minutes to CRIT.

I have two notification rules:

  • for state change from ANY to CRIT notify
  • for any state in CRIT (every 30 min) notify

This works great but every so often we deprecate a server or take a server offline for what could be days intentionally.
Is there a way to stop the notifications for these servers?

So far the only thing I can think of is editing the query that I use for the deadman check to remove all checks for the host, but that is very inconvenient.

Is there a more convenient way removing a single (or list of) host(s) from a check. Maybe filter on the contents of a file or something?