Shrinking my database


I need some help or pointers regarding storage of my TS data.
From what I have understood there is a way to lower the timeseries “resolution” by changing the retention policy (or perhaps using shards?). I’m currently using Telegraf, LibreNMS for collecting metrics and then InfluxDB for storage. I want to stop using LibreNMS because its unnecessary to store metrics in two databases and I have limited storage. (I’m just running metric on my home appliances and my server is a small and cheap VPS).

Is it possible to lower the resulution or just drop data after a while.
Kind of like get a day-average TS when the data is 2-3 months old and then when the data hits a year, it gets dropped or something like that?

Is it possible to do these things on a database without corrupting the already stored data?

Hello @hnnk,
Thank you for your question. Yes use a Continuous Query to downsample your data and use a retention policy to automatically expire the data. Please look at this documentation for examples.

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