Should columns in iox still be marked as tags or fields when writing data?

I am starting a migration project to IOx. I’ve gone through the IOx intro training, and was under the impression that tags and fields are no longer a thing, and that its just columns now. However when using line protocol, or the older client libraries to insert data, you can still mark them as tags or fields. And in the GUI, I see it still separates them as either tags or fields. Even in the air sensor example, we have 1 tag and 3 fields (not columns).

So when using iox, it seems like I should still mark columns I want indexed as tags. Is this correct?

Hello @stanton009,
It’s really up to you.
I would still keep your meta data in tags and your actual values in fields.
But yes they’re all columns so ultimately it doesn’t matter.
Just know that you can only have around 200 columns in a measurement.

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