Query takes too long


I have a problem with wirte to(), at the end it says: " All other columns are written to InfluxDB as tags."

Because of this my 5 added columns are saved as tags (4 of them are float values). And because tags are indexed queries take forever.

So my question is: can i save columns as fields in flux with the to() function or is there a workaround? I can only think of putting all 5 columns into a JSON String, but this would make it more complicated when i need to extract the data (or a specific “column”).

I am saving my JSON String in the _value field, so it gets saved as a field and not a tag. The drawback is, that i have no visual feedback when I use the Data Explorer (i was saving a float value in _value before, which i added to the JSON). First tests look very good, the queries take a fraction of the time needed before the change.

Question still stands: Can i save a value as a field and not a tag when using Flux and writing to InfluxDB?