Shift periodic sensor data in time - timeShift

Hello guys,

I would like to shift the following 3 sensor data to a common point in time to see how their changes for each sampling cycle.

Any ide how to achive this?

Each point belongs to a sampling cycle shares a common tag

@d60 This is exactly what experimental.alignTime() was designed to do:

import "experimental"

// your query here
    |> experimental.alignTime(alignTo: v.timeRangeStart)
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Omg! Awesome!!! Thank you so much!

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Also related this topic—the graphs in the current InfluxDB UI set their view bounds using the queried time range. So when you align the different groupings to a single time, you have a lot of empty space in your graph. There is an open issue (that I created a while ago) proposing an option to set the visual bounds of the graph based on the data that is returned. Feel free to add your opinion to issue thread :wink:

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