Shards not getting removed as the same shards got dropped in influxdb

Hi friends. I have an issue. using influxdb with grafana. getting data from Nagios xi to influxdb. recently, we modified the retention as with default autogen. set to retain 1-year data. shard & shard group duration as 7 days. old shards got removed in DB level (when I check with the show shards command), but disk space still the same as those shards are still present. starting the DB, I could notice that the dropped shards still getting loaded. Any idea as to how to clear those shards to recovering the space ?

Hello @suder,
I’m not sure. I’ll share your question with the InfluxDB team.

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@suder What version of InfluxDB? Also, if you look in the data/<name-of-your-db>/autogen directory, do you still see shard directories for the deleted shards? (If so, don’t delete them just yet.)