Sflow metrics with influxdb and grafana

im new with Influxdb.
currently I’ve installed influxdb and telegraf agent to collect snmp metrics from my network devices. and visualize them using grafana dashboards.
i want to add some sflow metrix as well (top talkers, top application).
i know telegraf have a sflow input plugin but i couldn’t find a grafana sflow dashboard that supports influxdb.
do you have any recommendations for what is the best practice for sflow metrics?
should i use telegraf?


I think you’ll have to build a grafana dashboard–However, if you’re open to using the Influx UI for your dashboards, then you might want to check out templates. I encourage you to check out and maybe contribute to the sflow template.
As far as best practices go, the only recommendation is don’t have a long retention period because sflow metrics generate massive cardinality.

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