Several tag in only telegraft with snmp plugin


I have the configuration file with several tables and need to group them to represent a physical site, example, i have the 5 pcs by site (Argentina, Canada and Spain), in a central server have telegraf run, i need add tag in each site, example, 5 pc the Argentina assign static tag argentina, and 5 pc the canada assign static tag canada, etc.
I use the snmp plugin, can use the “is_tag” but i do not have the name the physical site published by snmp in all pcs for use this function.

Is possibly asign static tag with plugin snmp?

I sorry for my english.

You can assign static tags on any input plugin by using the tags option. It would require you to define a separate input for each agent you are connecting to, so that they can each have their own static tag.

I tested with the next code and no have result.

Is correct ?

agents = [“”]
timeout = "5s"
interval = "1s"
retries = 3
version = 2
community = ""
name = "RGP-EZE"¨

You need to use single brackets for tags table: