Series limit in database

What is happening with InfluxDB database when it reaches the series limit?
I have one with a limit and in my logs I see:

influxd[10341]: [I] 2017-03-07T09:53:22Z failed to write point batch to database “collectd”: max-series-per-database limit exceeded: db=collectd (1000000/1000000) dropped=24 service=collectd

It says that the batch is dropped. How to know what data wasn’t recorded to the database?

@Marijus There is no way to figure out what data was not recorded. Update the max-series-per-database configuration to be more than 1M in order to stop dropping data.

This can be an indication that you are creating a lot of series. We have some documentation on why this is a bad thing to do.

Hope this helps!


@jackzampolin, thank you for a quick reply and for the link. I did that already and looks like everything is back to normal.

Are there any guidelines how to measure series and how much series there should be per incoming data to db?
I am getting lots of data from more that 2,8k hosts every minute and InfluxDB is amazing at handling that.