SELECT mean(*) without renaming field keys

I am trying to backfill a retention policy by downsampling my data by taking the mean. I am doing so with a query that looks like this:

SELECT mean(*) INTO "telegraf"."month".:MEASUREMENT FROM /.*/ WHERE time > now() - 30d GROUP BY time(10m),*

Unfortunately, this has the effect of re-naming all my field keys. e.g. “cpu”.“usage_idle” becomes “cpu”.“mean_usage_idle”.

Is it possible to do this while retaining the original names? I know I could create a separate statement per field and use AS, but that would be very cumbersome.

Thank you,

Hello @berkleycameron,

Why do you want to keep the name the same? I don’t know if that’s possible, but I’ll look into it. For me personally, I like to keep my downsampled data as a different series because I tend to treat it and interact with it differently than my high precision data.

@AnaisdgI would like to be able to use my Graphana graphs with both the real and downsampled data, but I am unaware of how to do this if they are named differently.

@berkleycameron I’m sorry I’m not that familiar with all of the capabilities of Grafana, but can you not visualize multiple series on the same panel? I haven’t looked into it deeply but this looks promising: https://grafana.c=om/docs/v4.1/features/panels/graph/#multiple-series

@Anaisdg Thank you. Yes I can do that, but it complicates things. For example I might have a graph of network traffic for a dozen interfaces and that would require creating duplicates for each retention policy.

However, believe I have stumbled on a decent solution. I can just query for the series using a regex. E.g. SELECT /^(mean_)?cpu_usage$/ rather than SELECT “cpu_usage”.