Downsample into same measure?

That example stores the downsampled data in another measurement.
Is it possible to downsample the data and store it in place, i.e in the same measurement?

Because, lets say i have “cpu_usage”, i then have lots of graphs and stuff already set up in Grafana.
If I now start to save the downsampled data in “cpu_usage_history”, I guess I have to change all my dashboards in Grafana to fetch data from both “cpu_usage” and “cpu_usage_history”?

I believe you can use the regex expression with the “measurement” names e.g.

select * from /cpu_usage/

Please check but I’m not sure about this feature. Anyways it will not help with the queries since they will go over both the tables if this is supported.

Getting back to your original question; someone from Influxdb team could be able to confirm this. I think it is not supported but will try to perform this.

I have a follow up question.

I’m using the same example for downsampling, and it’s done by this code which creates an CQ:

  SELECT mean("website") AS "mean_website",mean("phone") AS "mean_phone"
  INTO "a_year"."downsampled_orders"
  FROM "orders"
  GROUP BY time(30m)

How do I apply this to a whole “meaurement” or even a whole database?
I have hundreds of series, with thousands of fields. Many of which are injected by software like “telegraf” where I dont have a clue about the data, I just use predefined configs.

I need somehing like:
INTO “a_year”.*
GROUP BY time(30m)

And then it just “fixes” it for everyting.

From what I understand, this is not possible?
And this is the issue for fixing what I want?

Please help, my database is growing out of control :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just looking for the same functionality. It’s really strange for me data data base design for time series storing doesn’t have it. Does any one know the workaround?