SELECT INTO tags missing on destination

I have this raw data:

select * FROM "message_sent" WHERE time > now() - 1m
name: message_sent

time                appCodename host        sent
----                ----------- ----        ----
1531851267026022790 demo 1
1531851271255490598 demo 1
1531851271263690187 demo2 1

I’m using a Continuous Query to downsample some information like total messages sent in an hour using this CQ:

CREATE CONTINUOUS QUERY "cq_messages_sent_hourly" ON "stats"
  SELECT count("sent") AS "messages_sent" 
  INTO "stats"."autogen"."cq_messages_sent_hourly" 
  FROM "stats"."autogen"."message_sent"
  GROUP BY time(1h), "appCodename", "host" FILL(none)

This works fine, I get a new measurement with:

select * FROM "cq_messages_sent_hourly" WHERE time > now() - 1h
name: cq_messages_sent_hourly

time                appCodename host        messages_sent
----                ----------- ----        -------------
1531850400000000000 demo 215
1531850400000000000 demo2 37

But if I execute the query directly, outside the CQ (to process older values that haven’t been analyzed by the CQ) it doesn’t stores the host tag to the cq_messages_sent_hourly measurement, only the appCodename and aggregated data messages_sent.

Example result:

select * from "cq_messages_sent_hourly" WHERE time > now() - 6d
name: cq_messages_sent_hourly
time                appCodename messages_sent
----                ----------- -------------
1531335600000000000 demo        291
1531335600000000000 demo2       5

The query I’m using is:

SELECT COUNT("sent") AS "messages_sent" 
INTO "cq_messages_sent_hourly"
FROM "message_sent"
WHERE time < '2018-07-14T09:00:00.000Z'
GROUP BY time(1h), "host", "appCodename"

I’m using InfluxDB version 1.5.2.

Do you know what could be wrong?