Select * INTO failing with ALL records dropped



Using Influx 1.6 version:

This measurement has 3 TAG KEYS and around 8 FIELDS.
Retention policy we are using is 10 days.

Created a new retention policy for 7 days and want to migrate all the data into this retention policy.
We have a database with measurement --> “abc”

So, ran query:
select * INTO "7 Days(s)"."abc" FROM "10 Day(s)"."abc" where TAG_KEY='name' GROUP BY *

This is throwing a message saying “dropped records”.

Instead of using this database, I created new database and inserted 10 days of data into measurement, then SELECT INTO 7 days retention policy. THIS WORKED FINE.

So, we are thinking that something in the “database” definition (or) data in “measurement” causing the SELECT INTO failing in first case. Any suggestions on what might be causing this issue?