Mixed up measurements after imported from backup

Hey everyone,

i’ve got some strange problem. After moving my database instance to docker (from and to 1.8), and restoring the data into the database, there is some mixup.
Here is a screenshot while im looking in the database with InfluxDB Studio:

The restored data is in item, label and type. But everything that is written after that is in item_1, label_1 and type_1.

here is an example of how i did import the data:

use backupeddatabase
SELECT * INTO openhab.."MQTTSmartMeters.SM01GASKBMTotal" FROM "MQTTSmartMeters.SM01GASKBMTotal"

Im using this for persistence to display data graphs in openHAB btw.

Because of that i get some error messages that flood my openhab.log.

Could this be to Retention Policy mixup maybe?

Hello @Andre1Becker,
Possibly? Honestly, Im not sure. I’ve never encountered this with Select Into with InfluxQL.
In fact I’m pretty sure you have to write data into a new measurement:

How are you querying for your data?
What is InfluxDB Studio?
My guess is that tool is causing the error. Id suggest reaching out to them.

Hey @Anaisdg ,

first of all, thanks for taking your time to help me with this. Much appreciated!

Influx Studio is a GUI for Windows to look into databases - this is an older App. But im more a GUI Guy :slight_smile:

The Error message i get in openHAB is:

Could not find item 'COST.GAS.DAILY' in registry

Which essential means that openHAB could not find the Measurement item COST.GAS.DAILY in influx.
Normally that error occurs when there is no Item in openHAB with that name. But that’s not true in my case. The item exists and the measurement with that exact name exists also.

I will add more infos later as im running out of time right now :wink:

Well - i just used the console and found out that there are three different series for that same item.

I think i just need to find out how to consolidate them into the one which is currently used :wink:

Well thats odd:

Any idea what this could be? where is the difference between item and item_1?
So the series mix up seems unrelated…