Saving simple table cell fails


I have an issue saving a Flux query with simple table format. When adding this to a dashbord it fails. The preview is working fine:

But there is already a remarkable behavior: I can’t customize this table:
( customize → There is nothing to configure here)

If I save this query to my dashbord now, there is an error occurring.

Dashboard overview: An InfluxDB error has occurred. Please report the issue [here]

Failed to load resources for cell: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘map’)

Sorry, I’m not allowed to attach more than one screenshot…

I need the simple table visualization explicitely because standard table doesn’t list the data as needed in an overview. Did I something wrong or is this a bug with the simple table? Using standard table seem to work, but is not the visualizationI’m looking for.

My used InfluxDB version is v2.7.0

Best regards

Hello @jler,
This seems like a bug. Unfortunately our engineers are wrapped up working on 3.0. And delivering that. I’m not sure that’ll get addressed.
I know that’s not the news you’re looking to hear. But I hope you can understand that rewriting our entire stack disrupts things a little.