Saving notification messages (alerts) to file via task

I was wondering if there is a function in flux language which would allow saving InfluxDB query results to file on localhost. Particularly I am interested in creating a task that would save notification messages (or generated alerts) to a file in json, csv or other format. Is that possible?

I am using:
InfluxDB OSS 2.0.3 (fe04d34)
Flux language version: v0.99.0

Is there any way to save data (query results) from influxdb 2.0 to file? Is it possible to send data (results) from influxdb 2.0 to tcp port?

Hello @grayfoxeyes,
Not that I’m aware of.
There is:

out of curiosity what’s your use case? can you provide some context around what you’re trying to achieve?