Run task cause OOM

My influxdb version is 2.6.1, I have a lot of tasks, they will use a lot of memory, when the memory is not enough, it will cause oom. Is there any way to limit the number of concurrent executions of tasks?
I have submit a issue in Github

Hello @L2421800049,
Unfortunately there isn’t an option like that :(.
There are quite a few problems with the task engine at large scale which is part of the reason for the release of 3.0 in cloud.

And the recommendation to execute tasks in the language of your choice like:

Hi @Anaisdg

In the article you linked, it says:

  • InfluxDB 3.0 Edge: A single node instance for local and edge deployment that will be available later this year.

We use InfluxDB 2.6 OSS (on prem, of course). When the above is available, will our Flux queries work with it? Or is it planned to be SQL only, like InfluxDB Cloud currently is?

Thanks for your suggestions. I hope there is an elegant workaround in the future。