Retrieve Packet written over UDP endpoint

When data is written over UDP enpoint in influxdb it is written based on the Influx DB config settings.
However, Is there any way for the UDP client that sends the packet to retrieve back the packet without querying influx DB?
Is there any hook in the config by which the data written over UDP enpoint can be redirected before it is actually written on influx DB

It would be helpful to know what problem you are trying to solve with these examples.

Can you explain why a client would want to retrieve the data it just sent? Doesn’t the client already have the data?

Also, why you would want to send data to InfluxDB and redirect it before it is written to the database? Couldn’t you just send it to the other location first?

If you want to send your InfluxDB metrics to different places, you could use Telegraf, our plugin-driven collection agent. It accepts multiple inputs (including UDP using the “socket_listener” plugin), allows you to use plugins to process or aggregate the data, and can send data to multiple outputs. You can read more about Telegraf in our documentation.

If you want to process the data as it comes in, you can look at Kapacitor. Kapacitor has the ability to stream and process data from InfluxDB as it comes in, as well as querying data in batches for processing. You can read more about Kapacitor here.

Thanks for the information…I have recently implemented some code to send some application metrics via influx’s UDP endpoint.However, I need to retrieve the packet to verify my application code in test case…For some reason I am not allowed to use influx commands on my test framework to retrieve data…