Restore without backup files

So, my main HDD on my windows 10 “server” crashed… All InfluxDB (which was running as a service) files were on a different disk, so they’re untouched by the crash.

Now, the data collected the past 6 months is “gone”, they’re still there, but not available for Grafana.

As i’ve understood the restore function, it needs a zipped backup, any way for InfluxDB to read what’s already in the database?

No ideas?

Har noone here changed OS, or had a system crash? Or any insights to why InfluxDB doesnt see the data in the database after a reinstall of the OS?

This is less of an InfluxDB issue and more of a backup/restore issue.

All you really need to do is move your data files from before the crash to your new influx data location and start the service. If you have already started the service and written data, then you need to export/import the data if that makes sense

But - The data never moved, the location is the same as it was before the crash… all files (influxd.exe and the others, as well as all data) was on a different disk, all that changed was the OS on a different disk… Is any influxdb info stored in i.e. the windows system folder?

Did you already start an influxdb service on the new node?

Yep. I just started the influxd.exe service from the same place it’s always been, next to the data that never moved… seems like its still there sizewise, just can’t see it…

To be a bit clearer:
OS was on C:
Influxd.exe and .conf files on D:
All database datafiles on D:\

C:\ crashed. Changed out C:\ with a new disk, and installed OS on it. Then started influxd.exe on D: as a service in new OS.