Restore failed: "restore: dial tcp [::1]:8088: connect: connection refused"

my system crashed and my influxDB databse was not available anymore. Now I try to restore the influxDB database on my raspberry Pi 4 but it doesn’t works.
I returend with a SD card image to a working state of my system from January and try to load my DB backup from February.
The backups were made with iobroker and backitup. I use the command

influxd restore -db iobroker -portable /home/pi/influx_backup

before I copied the backup into the directory /home/pi/influx_backup
and I always get the error message:

error updating meta: dial tcp [::1]:8088: connect: connection refused restore: dial tcp [::1]:8088: connect: connection refused

I don’t know what to do. I use version 1.8.10-1.

Maybe you can help me? How can I restore my data? Thank you in advance!

Problem solved, I had to stop influx, delete the old DB and then restore