Request values between two timestamps

When requesting data from InfluxDB 2.1 we notice that it only returns the records between the given timestamps, but we require it to return the values between the timestamps.
Is there any possibility to return the given values between the timestamps?
Attached image displays the problem.

Hi @SSegersCordis
Welcome to the Community Forum. What does it mean for the value to be within the timestamps? This is the way I interpret your picture.

Hi Phill you are reading the axis wrong,
The Y axis displays the values and the X axis displays the time.

First we want to omit the records outside red lines(T1 and T2).
The problem is that the first record is out of the bounds of T1, but it’s value is still the value of the field at line T1.

What we are looking for is to retrieve the value of the field at T1, but we can’t since the record is out of the bounds.

Is there a way to retrieve the value at T1 even though the record is out of the bounds?

Best regards S.Segers

Dear @SSegersCordis

I understand the graph is value vs time. I don’t understand this comment above.

Let’s assume the first record, Rec1 = (t1, v1). Are you saying t1 < T1?

Does this mean t1 should = T1 but it doesn’t because it’s not being reported correctly? Please explain why.
Why not change the InFlux range from [T1, T2] to [t1, T2]?

Kind Regards,