Request help for Influx statistics report on data consummation like top 10 in size and quantity

New here but been using Influxdb for a few years with my HomeAssistant project. The DB has growth to 1.6 GB and I would like to explore the data in statistics fashion where I can see the top offender in size or quantity to adjust the retention.

I’m trying to get familiar with InfluxQL and Flux with “Explore section” but I can’t seem to find a way to extract such reports.

  • Top 10 size bytes per Measurement, Tags or Fields.
  • Top 10 quantity count per Measurement, Tags or Fields.

Any other stats that can help me understand where this space has been consumed or tools to use is welcome.


Hi @starwolf73,

Can you let us know what version of InfluxDB you are using?

I’m using Influxdb 1.8.2 with Chronograf 1.8.6.

Look into the influx_inspect report command, that might give you enough data to identify your top offenders.

Thanks @mhall119,
So I went over the documentation for Influx_inspect and finally was able to get something out to point me in the right direction but still far from what I was looking.

Using a combination of linux command

  • du -sk *|sort -n (Find the biggest TSM files)
  • influx_inspect report -detailed (Provide a narrow view inside this TSM file only)

The documentation on report command is missing some mandatory information like this was pointing out in this github issue. docs: add detailed info how to use influx_inspect to check if I use TSM or TSI · Issue #1703 · influxdata/ · GitHub

When using influx_inspect report command, the documentation is missing the following:

Report summary

  • influx_inspect report <path of the DB>

Details summary of a TSM

  • influx_inspect report -detailed <path of the TSM files>

So after compiling all those informations and using Explorer data GUI, I was able to start discovering some offenders but I’m far from a Top 10 measurements table like I use to do in a simple SQL DB query.

I’m new to this concept of shard and still need to digest more if there is other method to get a similar report.

Any other suggestion will be welcome, thanks.