Rename an InfluxDB database?


Can an InfluxDB database be renamed?

Related question: If I have a backup of an InfluxDB database, can I restore it so that the restored database has a different name to the name it had when it was originally backed up?

Jeremy Begg

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That isn’t directly supported today. See the steps to achieve what you are asking about here:

See example 1.

This was also asked here: Workaround to rename databases

Hi Tim,

Thanks for answering. I saw that example and I can see it would work - provided there is enough time and disk space to let it run.

It would actually be useful to be able to restore an Influx database backup to a different database name, that way we could compare the backed-up data to the “live” data without having to find another server to load it on to.

@JeremySTX Can you open a feature request over on InfluxDB for this?

Done. Created as issue #8519

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Feature delivered in InfluxDB 1.5. See more here:

We are going to close out the github issue as well! Hope it does everything that you wanted…if not, please let us know.

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