How the heck to rename DB

Sorry, guys, but this really drives me nuts… I’ve waisted already several hours trying to perform the SIMPLIEST operation to rename the current Db… Why is it in influx so complicated…Why is it to hard for developers to add RenameDB command to CLI or something like this…
What I tried:
Ran the command like SELECT * INTO NewDB From OldDb - doesn’t work
Read the docs from official site and tried to run something like this
influxd restore -portable -db telegraf -newdb telegraf_bak path-to-backup - constantly throws errors whether it’s related to path or retention policy…
Tried to manipulate with storage files. But it keeps listing the original db names despite the the folders in wal. and data folders were renamed…

“Directly renaming a database in InfluxDB is not possible, so a common use for
the INTO clause is to move data from one database to another.”

Also see Workaround to rename databases