Removing Original Table from stream following transform (map, filter, timeshift, etc)

I’m using the map function in the documentation, with an example very close to what is shown in the documentation, following a query.

It is creating a new table with all the columns the way I want them, but it is also leaving the original queried table in the results. So I end up with two tables.

Is there a way to remove the original table from the query results once the new table has been created with the map() function?

Timeshift does this as well.

This is really annoying. These functions produce exactly the the results I’m looking for, but all the original query data is there as well when it outputs. I can’t get rid of it. I don’t want the original data joined into the newly produced table, or grouped, I just want it gone. There must be a way to purge the original table following an operation (map, timeshift, etc) so that only the new table is outputted.

need to see your query script.

chances are that you have more than yield() function on it, or I not understanding your problem.

all influx functions are pushdown, which means every change is done on the same table it shouldn’t create a “new” table unless you specifically assigned 2 outputs or declare a second table to be created based on the previous one…

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