Relay all metrics transparently using InfluxDB

We have a situation where we have a number of local sites collecting metrics to a local InfluxDB instance, and we have a cloud system, also collecting metrics to a cloud InfluxDB instance. We need all of the “local” site InfluxDB instances to forward their metrics to the cloud instance, so the cloud instance has an aggregate of the site metrics. We are currently writing metrics to our InfluxDB instances using the Java driver so we would like to avoid bringing other tools (ie. Telegraf) into the equation if at all possible. We have looked into using Influx subscriptions, but that doesn’t seem to work. How can this be achieved?

Based on your requirements, subscriptions seem like the right way to go. What do you mean by “that doesn’t seem to work”?

We have a blog post on multiple data center replication that you might find informative. It covers some of the options available, but most of them involve introducing additional tools.