Recommended installation in AWS


I’m actually using InfluxDb in AWS, Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS, EC2 C3 xlarge machine, but from time to time the db stops working and I think because of improper installation and configuration (even that I followed guides in docs - that are not so detailed).

Is there any documentation part that explains in details installation procedure in AWS (in any supported operating system)?

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@betim The install documentation we provide is mainly tested in AWS. So it should be fine in that environment. When you say from time to time the db stops working what do you mean by that? One common configuration item that trips people up is that if you plan to store a large number of series you need to reset a couple of defaults:

  max-series-per-database = 1000000
  max-values-per-tag = 100000

Hope this helps!

What would happen if db will reach max number of series or values per tag?

@betim Influx will start sending 500s to clients who are trying to write points that violate that policy.