Read Sparkplug B messages with Influxdb and Telegraf

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Is it possible to read Sparkplug B messages from a MQTT broker with Influxdb using a Telegraf script?

Thank you for your help in advance!

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I don’t know about Telegraf, but you can use Cogent DataHub to read the Sparkplug messages from the broker and write the individual metrics into Influx.


Thank you very much for your reply, but I was hoping for something open source.

It is possible to use a Telegraf configuration to receive Sparkplugb messages.
I have a proof of concept that has be running on premises for a City Utilities SCADA system for almost a year. The Telegraf configuration has worked without fail since deployment.
I use an Opto22 groov EPIC controller running Ignition EDGE to publish tag data via MQTT Sparkplugb protocol to the broker.
The Telegraf configuration subscribes to MQTT topics filtering them using the desired Sparkplugb topic namespace and wildcards, decodes the google protocal buffers, formats the namespace for value tags and fields, captures the value and passes it on to Influxdb.

Kudos to anyone using Opto22 groov EPIC. Best thing since sliced bread!

@G-W-C thank you very much for your response. Apologies for only responding now (haven’t looked at influx for a while).

Would it be possible to share your telegraf config whilst removing any sensitive information of course?