RabbitMQ multiple JSON


Is there a easy way to get multiple JSONs using inputs.amqp_consumer from RabbitMQ? The payload message looks like below:

{“event_type”: “purge”, “ip_src”: “”, “ip_dst”: “”, “stamp_inserted”: “2020-10-18 23:25:00”, “stamp_updated”: “2020-10-18 23:29:57”, “packets”: 48, “bytes”: 4032, “writer_id”: “default_amqp/27932”}
{“event_type”: “purge”, “ip_src”: “”, “ip_dst”: “”, “stamp_inserted”: “2020-10-18 23:25:00”, “stamp_updated”: “2020-10-18 23:29:57”, “packets”: 4, “bytes”: 246, “writer_id”: “default_amqp/27932”}

The error I get:

E! [inputs.amqp_consumer] Error in plugin: invalid character ‘{’ after top-level value


Hello @gabriel,
Welcome! Can you please share your telgraf config?
Have you had a chance to look at this documentation?