Quick question regarding regex


I have a spring boot application and using the spring micrometer feature to gather metrics of my app. It’s a simple micrometer demo.

The spring boot app is sending this data as statsd and my telegraf is consuming this message via the inputs.statsd plugin.
Now for my output plugin, i am using outputs.file for testing purposes and set the data format as influx.
As pointed in bug 5361, there seems to be an issue with the parser and one suggestion was to get rid of one of the backslashes as this is causing a few errors. I am new to telegraf and the concept of time series. How would I do this with the use of the regex plugin?

An example of the message:
id=PS\\ Eden\\ Space
I need to get rid of the blackslahes to make it look like this
id=PS\ Eden\ Space

I’m currently have the following processor plugins in the config but it there is still no mention of LL in the output:
namepass = [“jvm_memory_max”]

## Tag to change
key = “id”
## Regular expression to match on a tag value
pattern = “(\{2})”
## Pattern for constructing a new value (${1} represents first subgroup)
replacement = “LL”

key = “id”
## All the power of the Go regular expressions available here
## For example, named subgroups
pattern = “(\{2})”
replacement = “LL”

EDIT= for some reason i’m unable to type out 2 backslashes in a row… just know my regex is “(\ \ {2})” with no whitespaces