Question about flux version is not correct with InfluxDB 2.6

Hi! I used InfluxDB 2.0. Then I upgraded to InfluxDB 2.6 but the flux version is still v0.131.0.
The flux version should be 0.191.0.
Could you please help me to solve this issue? Thank you very much.

@Vuong_Dinh_Quoc How are you checking the Flux version?

You can check Flux version by this command:

influx query 'import “array”
import “runtime”

array.from(rows: [{version: runtime.version()}])’ --raw -o YOUR_ORGANIZATION -t YOUR_TOKEN

I ask because the context of how you’re checking is important. If you’re using the Flux REPL, it returns the version of Flux packaged with the REPL, not InfluxDB.

I just double checked my locally installed version of InfluxDB 2.6.0, and it’s packaged with Flux 0.191.0. I’m not sure why yours would be different. Are you certain you’re running 2.6?