Question abot "Converter" plugin

Reading the description of the Converter plugin it says “Values that cannot be converted are dropped.”.
My question is “what” is dropped?

  • The whole metric/data-set?
  • Only the tag/field that can not be converted?

Reason for my question is that I have some Data that normally have a field that is an “int” but sometimes it comes as a String (“Infinity”). What I would like to do is to “drop” the field - not the whole data set - if the field can not be converted to a “int”.


Hello @dan-m-joh,
The entire point. Tag, measurement, fields and timestamp.
Not the entire series.
yes itll drop the field(s) for when it comes across the string but also the tags and measurement for that timestamp.
Does that make sense?

Yes, that makes sense, sorry for using “incorrect” terms… :wink:

Thanks for your support