Query with only field?

Hi Everyone! I’m new to influxdb.

I’m using a software called Thingworx that collect and store timeseries data to influxdb.
This software store data only with field value.
I need to query the db in order to retrieve data with a specific field value.
I have three field: temperature, humidity and productionID.
I want to retrieve the temperatures and humidities with a particular productionID.
I saw that I can put a field in “where clause”(but it’s not raccomented, right?).
The problem is that the field productionID, if doesn’t change is saved only the first time, then my query result is every time one row, I tried with fill(previous) but did not work.

How should I approach this problem?
My Idea is tu create a parallel db (with a continuos query) where I transform the field “productionID” into a tag, It is feasible?
There are other recommended approach?

Thank you

Hello @Jtitor,
I recommend upgrading to 1.8+ or 2.0 and enabling and using Flux.

Then you can perform the following query:

  |> range(start:-1h)
  |> filter(fn:(r) =>
    r.productionID == <myID> and