Query gives no result


I’m a beginner at influxdb, so please be patient :slight_smile:
I store data of my heating system to influxdb via a python script.
This work so far, data is stored.

name: heat

time flow_rate
1550667937033009228 639
1550667938312074905 639
1550667940269814190 625
1550667942444348400 638
1550667944397889421 625
1550667946526510980 647

I try to get all the data for the last 6 hours to visualize it. For that, I do the following query:
SELECT “flow_rate” FROM “pyHPSU” WHERE time >= now() - 6h

With this query, I get no data. I only get data, when I delete the WHERE statement.

What am I doing wrong here?

Any hints?



Hi , maybe there is no data more recent than 6h ?
Can you set your precision to rfc3339 and check your data again?
Do you have a result when you use now()-30h in the where for example ?
Best regards

You are right…mit process for impoirting data died :frowning:

Thanks for that slap…