Query Count by row

Working at a new gig they have graphs all over the place. First job is to clean up the 40+ servers using graphite.
One of the systems under measurement is number of incoming files per second.
The data I am collection is:

testdata,cusomter=T1,server=1,location=CT,source=SFTP value=526924 1493633186545

The value here is the size of the file. The line of data itself represents a single successful file transfer

I am trying to graph the number of files per min.

Looking at the docs it is not clear to me how this is done.

My DBA’s skills say select count(*) from testate group by time(1m)

This does not appear to work in Grafana, which is what they use here.

Anyone have an idea on how this is done. I guess I am asking for the way to graph this using the line itself as a datapoint.

@telco5 Your DBA intuition leads you correctly! You need to pass in a field value though:

# Number of files
SELECT count(value) FROM testdata GROUP BY time(1m)
# Number of bytes
SELECT sum(value) FROM testdata GROUP BY time(1m)

You could also add any of the tags to the GROUP BY to find out file per location, customer or source.